24/05/2017 My last day in Sydney for over a month. Spent the morning doing some last minute packing and went to my grandmas house to say hello and then to the airport. Arrived way too early as usual as the new passport scanners make getting through customs much quicker. The first flight was pretty good as we had our own seats but the change at Abu Dhabi was horrendous, not looking forward to that on the way home. Managed to have a restless sleep on the next flight but I guess it’s better than nothing.

25/05/2017 Arrived in London to absolutely beautiful weather. Opted to stay awake despite a crippling tiredness that continued to build. After getting some essentials and getting our bearings around Raynes Park we headed to the city to meet up for a few drinks. After some great reunions and probably more drinks than was sensible given our lack of sleep we caught the train back and managed to keep our eyes open long enough to drag ourselves into bed

26/05/2017 Woke up surprisingly refreshed. Took it easy during the morning then headed to Vauxhall street food festival to meet Paul and grab a bite to eat. Luckily just as we arrived he finished photographing a delicious burger which had to be eaten. Stayed for a few overpriced beers then headed back to Raynes park to get in a quick jog before dinner at the Edward Rayne. Couldn’t give the burrito I got justice after eating so much at lunch but managed to enjoy find a nice craft beer and then head home to sleep.

27/05/2016 Woke up late but feeling refreshed. Managed to update the big album of beers with the last 37 I’ve consumed before playing a board game with Amy and Kaitlin in which I was badly beaten. Decided we should enjoy the last of the great British weather so we headed to borough markets. Seemed a lot more expensive than I remembered but still managed to find a few nice looking beers and a bit of cheese. And of course a brownie for Amy. From there we walked back along the Thames to Waterloo and then realised that neither of us had been to Tate and also that it was free so we spent a few hours getting cultured. Cooked up some tasty bolognese with a side of burnt garlic bread and had a craftie from goose island to finish off the night.