28/05/2017 Woke up at a fairly respectable time and did very little until heading in to meet up with Gosia for her birthday drinks. Had a few beers in the sun at crown tavern. Then at 2 headed into piano works for brunch. Brunch consisted of a full English breakfast with bottomless prosecco and bloody Mary’s in a night club atmosphere with a live band playing in the middle. Seems like a strange concept but somehow it worked beautifully. After drinking heavily there we went on to O’Neils for a bit more live music then headed home before the tube shut down and grabbed some midnight chicken before falling asleep.

29/05/2017 Woke up a little hungover so we decided to take it easy and have this as a rest day. Did a little bit of shopping and had pizza for dinner. Had 2 of the craft beers that were sitting in the fridge.

30/05/2017 Woke up early and decided to do some tourist things starting with a walk around Hyde park. After a good wander we headed into soho and walked from there through Trafalgar Square and down to Waterloo station to head back home. For the first time since arriving in London I actually needed to wear a jumper. Went to Aldi to pick up a few cheap 2 minute noodle packs as back up meals for our travels. Managed to get a 5k run in before having my remaining beers and heading to Raynes park tavern for dinner. Terrible service and atmosphere but the food was surprisingly good and filling as well.

31/05/2017 Our last full day in London. Went into oxford circus with Amy and Kaitlin to do some shopping. Managed to find a few cheap necessities after many hours of looking and then went to line up at MOD for a free pizza. Despite waiting an hour it was a great pizza with a subway style concept. After stuffing our faces we went and met everyone at core bar to say goodbye, had a few drinks and then went home.

1/06/2017 Said goodbye to Kaitlin and Russell and caught the euro star to Brussels. Spent my remaining pound coins on a decent sized lunch. Reached Brussels and after only a little getting lost found the tram to our accommodation. From there we walked back into the centre of town to get some Belgian food. Amazingly the tourist trap place didn’t try to rip us off at all and the meal was quite nice. Went to a supermarket to do some shopping and found a huge range of beers so I had to get some

2/06/2017 Amy was feeling sick so we slept in and caught the 1:30 free walking tour instead of the 11:00 one. Fairly informative tour which occasionally got a bit political. Learned the best place to get waffles which Amy purchased and were pretty good. Also had some good beer recommendations. Wandered back into the centre of town and went to delirium cafe. Didn’t have as many beers as I expected but a lot that I wanted to try so I managed to get through 3 while watching perverts take photos of a naked child statue. Went back and cooked a tasty pasta dinner and had 3 more craft beers.

3/06/2016 The day started overcast and the city felt less fun than yesterday. Caught the tram to Cantillon brewery and skipped the tour to head straight to the bar. Thought the whole place was a bit overrated but was still nice to try some unique beers. Walked back to the centre from there and ate lunch in the park. Really needed to pee at that point so we went to a little alley bar where I found a reasonably priced Westvleteren 12 which was an amazing Beer. After I had my fill of beer we went to find Amy some chocolate, it wasn’t a hard task. We also managed to get some authentic Belgian fries. That pretty much ticked all the boxes for Belgium so we went back to cook pasta again. And of course, have a few more beers. Going to miss the beer choice here but not much else.