4/06/2016 Checked out and headed to the station to catch our delayed train. Cologne turned out to be a really nice city right from the start. Once we checked in and refreshed ourselves we walked into the old town to take a look around. Not a lot in terms of sights but the cathedral was epic. After that we did a bit of a kölsch pub crawl and had some authentic German food and then called it a night.

5/06/2017 Since we had an early train we treated ourselves to a breakfast buffet then went to catch the train to Berlin. Managed to get a seat despite not booking one and had a comfy ride to Berlin. Found myself a cheap Berlin kebab, forgot how good those are and then caught up on some washing since we had so much hanging space in our loft.

6/06/2017 Went to Lidl to get some breakfast things and then headed into the city to go on our free walking tour. Did a little exploring afterwards, probably a little too much as we got caught in a downpour on the walk home and got drenched. After drying off we headed out to grab some kebabs for dinner.

7/06/2017 Started walking into the centre but got caught in a surprise hail storm and had to take cover for 15 minutes. Continued on to the topography of terror as the weather alternated between sun and showers. After reading all there was to see we headed to alexanderplatz for some lunch. Then started the trek to the east side gallery. A long walk but worth seeing that side of Berlin. Went back to the hostel to cook some pasta and drink a few beer

8/06/2017 Spent the whole day going between different museums and art galleries using the Berlin museum island pass. Grabbed lunch at a little brewery not far away the continued with museums. Stopped off at a little local bar for a drink and then went home and ate everything that we had leftover before leaving the next day.

9/06/2017 Got up early to catch our train to Prague. Didn’t have a seat booked so we tried to quickly get on. Unfortunately it was a very full train with most of our carriage taken up by bucks parties. So many people singing and drinking at 9 in the morning that I had to join in, at least in the drinking part. A few people got off at Dresden so I had a seat from then on. Some passengers got rather aggregated but I found the whole thing amusing. Love how much booze the groups managed to bring on the train and even a beer bong. Walked from the station to our hotel in Prague, ok place but probably the worst we have stayed in so far. Went and got some lunch before having a little wander and checking out some bars.

10/06/2017 Woke up a bit late but with enough time to get in a good tour of Prague. Had a late lunch at a busy restaurant called Lokal. Decided to save some money so had beers back at the hotel rather than heading to some bars.