11/06/2017 Woke up early to catch our bus to Vienna. We had already scoped out the bus station so knew exactly where to go. Spent our remaining change on snacks and then boarded the bus. Vienna was pretty quiet on a Sunday so we stayed close to our hostel. Got some washing done and then grabbed an early dinner.

12/06/2017 Spent the entire day exploring Vienna. Amy kicked off our travels by getting her hair stuck in the train door. Arrived first at the place gardens where we took a little picnic of bread and cheese. Unfortunately we purchased Raskase which is an awful cheese so my hands smelled like moldy cheese all day. We then moved the nachtmarket which wasn’t too interesting and then into the old part of the city which seemed mostly closed up. At this point I felt like a beer so we walked to Venice beach and had a couple local beers. From there we walked to the amusement park just to have a look and then caught the train back to what we had heard was a good schnitzel restaurant. Luckily we had read that the portion sizes were huge and only got 1 between the 2 of us. After dinner we grabbed a few snacks and headed back to sleep.

13/06/2017 Woke up and used the remaining time on our 24hr travel pass to get to the main train station. Bought an epic schnitzel roll for breakfast and boarded our fairly empty train. Arrived in Obertraun and walked the short distance to our hotel. Very cute little place which even came with breakfast. Since it was already a bit late we decided to catch the ferry to Hallstatt and go for a walk. Was not expecting the tiny boat that showed up but it made for a very peaceful and scenic trip across the lake. Hallstatt was very pretty but crammed full of tourists, after walking around the town we were happy to head back to obertraun. Took a few cold beers down to the lakeside beach and sat there until it got a bit late. There wasn’t much choice of food so we picked the Austrian restaurant, the mushroom soup was really good but the rest of my meal was average. By this point everything in the town was closing so we went to bed

14/06/2017 After stuffing ourselves at breakfast we went to catch the cable car up the mountain. The first stop had 2 cave tours. The ice cave was really good and I managed to get through it even with shorts. The mammoth cave was a bit less interesting but impressive due to the size. The next cable car took us up the summit. Great views of snow capped mountains and even a bit of snow nearby, somehow it wasn’t that cold though. After going to all the viewing platforms we sat for a rest at a quiet spot where I proposed to Amy, who after she got over her surprise said yes. Grabbed a beer at the restaurant on top of the mountain and then headed back down to our hotel. Had a few beers down by the water and then went to get dinner. The Austrian restaurant was closed so we went for the other option which was the pizza restaurant. Food was ok but the very old bowling alley was a lot of fun. After dinner we sat on the balcony and waited for the stars to come out then went to sleep.

15/06/2017 Hung around the hotel until checkout and then caught the train to bad ischl. Turned out it was a public holiday so everyone was dressed up and firing cannons over the river and having tractor parades and other crazy Austrian things. From there we caught the bus to st gilgen. Didn’t have anything important to do so we just wandered around and lay by the lake. The hotel room was tiny but a nice place otherwise.

16/06/2017 Moved on to Salzburg. Did what I hope was our last money exchange and then did some washing. Had 2 minute noodles for lunch with a supermarket beer at the hostel and then went out for a walk around the old town. Grabbed a beer and some dinner at the beer garden in town and then another beer at the hostel bar along with our free shot.

17/06/2017 Slept ok in our hostel but got woken up a little earlier than I would have liked. Planned to go to a cafe for breakfast but it was much too expensive so I got some cheese bread and meat sticks from the supermarket. Walked up to the castle from there but didn’t want to pay to get in so we walked back through the park and along the river. Found a nice craft beer store along the way so picked up 4 local beers. After a quick rest stop at the hostel we grabbed some noodles for lunch. Had an interesting Austrian take on tom Ka Gai. We were both a bit tired by that point so went back to prepare for the early morning rise the next day. Amy fell asleep and since I was bored I went down to the bar for happy hour. Found a bunch of others doing the same and ended up staying until the bar closed then stumbled up to bed and promptly fell asleep