2/07/2017 We had already realised that today was the day in Rome when many attractions were free. To make the most of it we got up early and arrived in the line to the collesum at 8:05. The queue was huge but in less than an hour we had made it inside and we were early enough that it wasn’t yet packed. Once we had done a loop we headed out and to the line for Paletine hill which was much shorter. We didn’t spend too much time there due to the heat and once we got a high altitude view there didn’t seem like there was much left to see. From there we headed home and had a quick lunch. Amy had found some markets nearby that she wanted to visit so we walked there and wandered through the stalls filled with clothes, shoes and other assorted junk. A quick stop at the supermarket to sort out breakfast and we headed back to the train to go to Ostia Antica. Got to experience classic Italian organisation after the train was delayed 10 minutes, then switched platforms and then switched back 1 minute later as everyone stood around looking confused, we simply followed the running crowds. 1 stop from our destination the train decided to terminate so once again we followed the crowds up to the bus stop. We got lucky as a bus appeared nearby and we crammed on before the rest of the crowd hurtled towards us and completely filled the bus. At our stop more people attempted to cram on before even seeing if anyone was getting off so we had to shove through, difficult but we managed. Ostia Antica was decent but a little bit samey. After a lap we headed back playing pinecone soccer as we went. As we reached the bus station we realised that there was no information on when the next bus was coming and that many were simply too full to stop. I suggested, as I do, that we don’t bother waiting and walk back to the station. It was a hard 5 km on roads that really were not meant for pedestrians but we made it. Sitting on a train has never felt so good. Got some interesting pizza cone takeaway thing for dinner and then just crashed but had to force myself to stay awake until the washing was finished. This night I drenched myself in mosquito repellent so my sleep wasn’t interrupted

3/07/2017 Our final full day in Rome, but we’ve already done much of what we wanted to. Amy found a place where you can see the basilica through a keyhole which didn’t work in photos but was cooler than expected. From there we walked to the Trastevere neighbourhood to find a cookbook. Amy got what she wanted there so we headed back via the supermarket. Got some rather good take away pizza for dinner, played some briscola and went to bed

4/07/2017 Katie and Russell got up earlyish to catch their bus so we did as well to say goodbye. Did a bit of a clean and then left ourselves. We found a cheap luggage place near termini so we left our bags there with the intention of killing some time in Rome’s shopping strip but it turned out to be shit so we did a bit of sift seeing. Ended up at the airport 4 hours early and absolutely worn out by the heat and lack of water. Somehow even being so early and only stopping for some McDonald’s we still had to run for the gate. Very happy by this point to be out of Italy. Don’t think I want to return any time soon.

5/07/2017 The first flight I managed to stay awake and watched some movies. The next 4 hours stuck in Abu Dhabi were tough but once again I managed to stay awake. By the second flight I was so tired I passed out before take off but woke up again for food. Slept almost the entire flight and just watched a movie right at the end.

6/07/2017 Got off the flight feeling tired. Got through all the hoops quickly but had to wait a while for the bags. Got home and headed straight into unpacking and then went to collect Lucy from the vet. She cried the whole way home for some unknown reason. After Lucy went into hiding Amy and I went to stock up the fridge with vegetables that we sorely missed while travelling. Spent much of the day setting up this journal but wasn’t terribly productive. Had stir fried veggies for dinner and then watched some TV.

7/07/2017 I think jet lag is starting to hit. Woke up in the middle of the night and then not again until the afternoon and I still feel tired. Cleaned up all the messes Lucy had managed to make overnight. Did a bit of work on adding some navigation links to this journal and added analytics to see if anyone reads it. I also created an experiments site to try and focus on being more scientific with the things I create. Was hoping to get more done but instead I just watched some TV.

8/07/2017 Barely slept and then woke up around 4:30. Tried to get back to sleep or read but gave up and got out of bed around 6:00. Managed to focus a little bit but by 9:00 I was out of it again. Did the shopping and that was about all my brain could handle for the day. Was so tired I ended up in bed by 8:00