9/07/2017 Managed to sleep through the night and wake up at 9:00 feeling refreshed. Got a little bit of work on reddit suggest done but mostly didn’t do much. Learnt a bit about various gemstones but mostly that it’s hard to find pink sapphires. Went to the shops to get some dinner and then managed to do a 4k run. Had some dinner and watched some doctor who before going to bed

10/07/2017 Woke up at a sensible hour and tried to get some work done. A few hours in I lost all motivation and started to rethink my life. Started looking into how hard it would be to sell t shirts. My view being that it’s a simple high volume commodity to sell and what I learn from it I can translate into other types of product sales. Also decided it’s time for me to start my own company as an umbrella for all of this. After lunch I decided to hit the gym to give my brain time to process everything. Noticed a fair bit of strength loss primarily in my arms. Hoping it doesn’t take too long to return. Went to the shops to pick up a few things for dinner and then went back home. Made a few t-shirt designs but I don’t think they have the SEO or the wow factor to really sell. Ended up depressed by dinner and went to bed early.

11/07/2017 Woke up around 8:00 and had a hot shower and some breakfast. Started doing some research into drop shipping beer glasses but was unable to easily find a supplier. Decided to hit the gym and get back into squats. Still can’t tell if I hurt myself overseas or if it’s just a combination of lack and fitness and hypochondria. Finished up and did the shopping before heading home for a shave and a shower. Did a little bit of research into market research tools before having dinner and watching a movie.

12/07/2017 Got woken up early by Lucy scratching. Had breakfast and then started doing some more research into drop shipping. Got frustrated very quickly as every site promising the information I need just redirects to another site. Started to think that drop shipping isn’t going to have much room to make profit so I started looking into doing wholesale with a fulfilment centre. Quickly realised that while that might be a good solution for fast moving products, having slow moving ones sitting on the shelf would kill all possibility of making it cheaper without significant volume. Gave up my research for a while and went to the gym. Did some deadlifts without hurting myself which has improved my confidence that I don’t have some sort of permanent injury. Had enough food that I didn’t need to go to the shops so just ran home after the gym. Didn’t manage to anything productive after that and went to bed really early because I was sick of being awake.

13/07/2017 Got woken up many times during the night by Lucy so ended up getting up early. Still have no idea what to do with my time so by 9:00 I was already completely bored. Decided to try out asking Amy to give me tasks where she in essence acts as my boss. After getting me to do all the household chores she started running out of ideas so I went to the gym to give her time to think. Starting to struggle which I think is a result of not having a break. Going to just push through until I regain my strength. Did a little shopping and then went home for a shower and lunch. Amy suggested that I research some business ideas that might be good for me so I spent some time doing that. Didn’t come up with anything useful but it led me to a few other tasks to keep me busy. Amy left and went to the airport so I cooked myself some pasta for dinner, wasn’t particularly tasty but filled me up. Didn’t get much done for the rest of the night

14/07/2017 Got up after I couldn’t stand Lucy’s scratching at the door any more. Found out I have a cough and a sore throat. Guess Amy’s sickness finally got to me. I think this will probably stop me making it to the gym today. Managed to upload a second t-shirt before getting really tired. Had some leftovers and was in bed by 7:00 and absolutely freezing. Felt like I was going to die during the night and didn’t get much sleep

15/07/2017 Got woken up again by Lucy, going to use the vacuum cleaner tonight to get some sleep. Feeling better than I was last night but still pretty bad. Spent the first half of the day in bed only leaving the house to get a pizza, really felt like I needed something greasy. After lunch I got back in bed and stayed there for the rest of the day. Went to sleep early again.

16/07/2017 The vacuum trick worked so I was able to wake up a little later. Feeling a little better than yesterday. Managed to make it all the way to the shops to get some sushi and nuggets. Had the sushi for lunch and the nuggets for dinner and otherwise spent the rest of the day in bed. Managed to stay up past 9:00 for once which was nice but woke up numerous times covered in sweat. One time so bad that I had to have a shower