17/07/2017 Lucy let me sleep in to a sensible hour and I woke up feeling better than yesterday. Still don’t feel ready to accomplish anything though. Had a wrap for lunch and then went to the shops to pick up some things for dinner. Started thinking about an app to track business ideas. Then I started thinking about game of thrones and looked into some piano apps which would help me with the desire to play something musical. I found a decent iPad app but it was just too hard to play any sort of complex notes on a touch screen. Amy’s plane landed so I started working on dinner, managed to time it perfectly so it was ready just when Amy walked through the door. Watched Game of Thrones with dinner and then some South Park and then headed to bed. Took me a while to get to sleep and I woke up sweaty a few times

18/07/2017 Slept in until the sun woke me up which unfortunately meant the shower had already run out of hot water. Did some programming up until lunch and then went to the shops to get things for dinner. A little bit more programming until Amy left for work and I started cooking dinner. Decided to give the iPad piano another try and managed to play some simple songs. Amy got home pretty early had some food and then we went to sleep. Woke up again during the night covered in sweat.

19/07/2017 Got up early as my parents were arriving. Did little during the day and then went to my grandmas house for a visit in the afternoon. Broke the news to her that Amy and I were engaged to which she replied “About time”. Went home afterwards and had a little rest before meeting up With Laura and Geoff at via Naopli for giant pizzas which were pretty good. Also broke the news to them about the engagement. Went home and went to sleep

20/07/2017 Woke up a little late and said goodbye to my parents and Lucy. Went to the shops to get things for dinner and a blanket for myself. Had a nap because I just felt exhausted and only got up to have some dinner and play a bit of piano before going back to sleep when Amy got home. Watched some TV in bed and fell asleep fairly quickly

21/07/2017 Woke up late feeling lethargic with no drive to accomplish anything. The laundry sink blockage was irritating me though so I decided to fix it. I thought I was going to have to take the whole thing apart but it turned out I could get it done with just the plunger which saved me a messy job. Took the rubbish down and then started doing some reading. After I got a bit irritated reading I worked off some energy by going to the shops. Hoping I can start going back to the gym soon. Got a call from Matt and spoke to him for an hour before cooking up satay chicken for dinner. Decided I wanted to play some TF2 but the internet was way too slow for the download to finish today. Amy got home fairly early and we watched some TV before going to bed

22/07/2017 Woke up feeling like there was nothing I wanted to accomplish. After going to the shops I decided to come up with 5 ideas for an app this weekend that I could work on next week. Downloaded a game and played for a bit before Amy went to work. Afterwards played TF2 with Matt until I got tired and then did a little bit of piano practice and then went to bed and waited for Amy to get home.

23/07/2017 Woke up late after getting to sleep late the night before. Amy cooked pancakes and then I played some of the games I had been downloading. Couldn’t really find any of them that I really liked though so it felt like a waste of time. Watched some TV and a movie later on at night and went to sleep