31/07/2017 Woke up and immediately started getting calls from recruiters. 3 of which had the same job on offer. After responding to all those requests I went to the gym, had to cut it short to get home and get ready for interviews in the city. Had one meeting with a recruiter and then met the people at Thred for a technical interview. Was supposed to meet up with Nick but I couldn’t get a hold of him so I just went home. Watched some TV at home and started work on my brewery list app.

01/08/2017 Had another interview so I got to the gym early which was absolutely packed and I missed out on my bench press. Not doing well with compound lifts this week. Went into my second interview which went really well, hoping I get this job. Walked back home and waited to find out but didn’t get any confirmation. Watched some TV and played some games while Amy was at work and went to sleep at a reasonable hour.

02/08/2017 Woke up and spent some time working on my beer guide app. Went to the gym when Amy was ready. Got a call that I most likely had gotten the job but later in the afternoon found out that I actually didn’t. Pretty bummed out about that as I was really excited about this one. My parents arrived and I set up my keyboard. Went to the brewhouse for dinner and had a few beers, I think I have enough bottles not to dry hop the beer I have brewing. Didn’t get to sleep until quite late as I was waiting for Amy to get home

03/08/2017 Woke up feeling a little lost. Spent some time practicing piano but otherwise accomplished very little.

04/08/2017 Went into the city with Amy to look at rings. The first place had some great stones and came up with a ring that looked really nice. The second place had a good range but nothing seemed quite as good as what we saw before. Went home afterwards and had some lunch and then later had dinner at the club. Went to sleep early as I didn’t have much to do

05/08/2017 Got up and said goodbye to my parents. Went to the gym and did pretty well and then the shops afterwards. Did some work on my Sydney beer guide app before Amy went to work and then cooked curry for dinner. Decided I was still hungry so made some oatmeal slice as well. Watched some clone wars while I did some more work and then went to sleep.

06/08/2017 Got up and got straight into doing some work on the Sydney beer guide. After that went to the gym for arm day and then to the shops to get things for dinner. Did a lot of jobs around the house and even managed to get around to dry hopping my beer that has been fermenting for over 2 months. Made toasted sandwiches for dinner and watched some new Gotham episodes. Started to get really tired and couldn’t focus on doing much work at night