07/08/2017 Woke up to recruiter calls which weren’t very helpful. Did some work on Sydney Beer Guide before heading into the city for my interview. The interview went pretty well, not amazing but seems like a place where I could learn a lot. Went home after that and did a little more programming before hitting the gym. While I was there I got an update for the interview that they wanted me to perform a coding test so I stopped a little early to head home and work on that. Turned out to be a lot more difficult than expected but I got something together in a few hours.

08/08/2017 Got a decent amount of sleep and then got up to resume work on my Sydney beer guide. Got a decent amount done and then went to the gym with Amy. Had sandwiches for lunch afterwards and then went back to work. Worked until it was time to cook dinner and then started watching some Clone Wars.

09/08/2017 Woke up early to head into an interview with CBA. Turned out to be a job I’m not interested in but worth having a chat. Went to see if Lunch rebels was open (it wasn’t) and then waited for Amy to come it to go to the jewellers. Got the ring all sorted and then headed back home.

10/08/2017 Went to the gym in the morning and then did some programming during the day while slow cooking some lamb. After dinner went in to Parsons to play Articulate and have a couple beers.

11/08/2017 Got up and did a bunch of cleaning in preparation for people arriving over the weekend. Went to the shops as well to stock up on food and other necessities.

12/08/2017 Amy’s family arrived and we sat around having a chat and then got some Bahn mi and Turkish food for lunch. Sat around some more before heading out to Parsons for dinner. Had a nice dinner and a few drinks and managed to prevent anyone else from trying to pay the bill. Got home very late and tired

13/08/2017 Got up late still feeling tired. Had breakfast and looked at some wedding magazines. Went down to V bites for lunch and then came back to have a sleep. Not sure why I’ve gotten sick again. Had a bit of salad and chicken for dinner and went to sleep early