24/07/2017 Got up late because I have nothing that I want to do today. Started reading some self help blogs online to try and figure out what is wrong with me. Didn’t really work anything out except that I need to find something to do that I feel is meaningful. Decided to go for a run but didn’t get far as my ankle hurts a lot so I went to the gym instead. After gym and lunch I started looking into affiliate marketing. It’s an interesting field but I’m not sure how to make my mark. Downloaded a new motivational book to perhaps help me with that. Played some games and watched some TV before going to sleep

25/07/2017 Went to the gym early and wore my legs out. Went into the city to have lunch at Vilan’s shop but it was closed. Went and got some Asian at the new food court in market city. Afterwards Amy and I visited a few jewellers to get ideas for her engagement ring. Was harder than expected but fairly productive. Did a little window shopping as well to kill some time before Amy had to go to work. Had a few drinks at parsons before heading to another bar with Nick and Amy. Got home tired and hungry.

26/07/2017 Had a little bit of a hangover in the morning but not too bad. Did a little wedding planning before heading to the gym.

27/07/2017 Went to the gym and did very little else

28/07/2017 Went to the gym in the morning and did some shopping. Matt came round for a visit which was nice.Tried a few new beers in the afternoon then cooked up some dinner. Played some games before heading to bed when Amy got home, a little late this evening.

29/07/2017 Woke up a little unsure what to do with the day. Tried to print out new beer labels but the printer had a few issues so I gave it time to recover. Went to the shops to get things for an easy dinner tomorrow. Started thinking about the concept of a “Sydney beer guide” app. Had a meat pie and a few beers before heading into Parsons to meet up with Mike. Stayed there until close and then headed out for a few more drinks when Nick finished. Got home way too late and almost left my keys on the train but luckily noticed before it left the station.

30/07/2017 Was very hung over from the night before so just took it easy and got very little done. Managed to cook French toast for breakfast which I had planned out the day before at least.